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Booths are typically 10 ft wide x 10 ft long, but we are flexible.

A 6-foot table and two chairs are provided for each booth.

Each booth Vendor will be provided with 2 TICKETS.


Only booths against the walls are provided with free electricity. Please bring your own LONG extension cord and duck take. We will not provide them for you.

You will have to call the hotel and arrange for Wifi.

Please do not worry about where your booth is placed. We tried our best to group them into Art/Anime, Books, Film and Others. Please don’t asked to be moved. People will go around and around and around and around and around again and again so they will see you. Don’t worry, just have fun.

Booth space is $100 for one 10×10 booth.

To show our appreciation for those vendors coming last year, a complimentary booth will be provided this year.




Sumo Federation – Americas Abesamis
Kano Kid Anime Artistry
Dreamworks – Christophe Vacher
Hyberactive Monkey – Jerome Lu
Anine Artistry – Eleazar Del Rosario
Martial Artistry – Ed Parker Jr.
Artistry of Carol Blaylock
2K Kustoms
Benny Urquidez
Peter Cunningham
Carl Totton
Board Games – Justin Waggle
The Karate Kid – Darryl Vidal
Roger Halas Jewelry
David Hall
Whipping Willow Assn.
Muay Thai USA School
Humility Through Pain

The Chemist film – Art Camacho
Martial Arts Kid film – Don Wilson
Traditionz Shirts – James Wilson
The Real Miyagi film – Fumio Demura
Taiko Group of Fumio Demura
John Kreng Productions
Cane Masters – Mark Shuey
Dana Abbott
USA Dojo – Dana Stamos
TJ Storm
Karate Kid – Ron Thomas
Karate Kid – Martin Kove
Karate Kid – Billy Zabka
Karate Kid – Tony O’Dell
Don Baird
Four A Films – Philip Cable
Kathy Long
Heritage Source Books
Myriad Publications
ASE Martial Arts

Danny Trejo – Star
Steve Oedekerk – Kung Pow Movie
Robin Shou – Beverly Hills Ninja
Don “the Dragon” Wilson – Star
Cynthia Rothrock – Star
Sasha Mitchell
Star Trek – Spice Williams
Doug Wong – Kung Fu Legend
G.I. Joe 2 – Carrie Ogawa-Wong
Lethal Weapon – Albert Leong
James Lew – Star
Big Trouble – Gerald Okamura
Big Trouble – Eric Lee
Big Trouble – Peter Kwong
Best of the Best – Simon Rhee
Fight of Fury – Shunny Bee
Martial Mania – Debbie Goodman
Phil Morris
Malia Dacascos Bernal
Brian Garrett

Steven Lambert – Revenge of Ninja
Hawaiian Lua – Sol Kaihewalu
Hawaiian Lua – Michele Manu
Valley Martial Arts Supply
Dynamic Dojo Talkradio
Sidekick TV
Cecil Peoples
Bill Ryusaki
Donnie Williams
Clark Tang – Wing Chun Temple
Shaolin Monks
Jennifer Niu
Graciella Casillas
Tak Kubota
Buck Sam Kong
Robert Parham
KIL Instruments
Jason Sterling