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DRAGONFEST: The most popular martial arts convention in the world!!!

– Presented by the MARTIAL ARTS HISTORY MUSEUM,  a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, this is their event of the year. Purchase of all tickets are Tax-Deductible.
– The Expo is filled with a host of martial arts movie stars, kung fu pioneers, book authors and MANGA, ANIME and COSPLAY guests. Tables include a number of Emmy-Award winning artists from THE SIMPSONS, DREAMWORKS and DISNEY.
– it is a fun place for the kids with face painting and toys to buy.
– Learn about martial arts history, meet the actual stars and get their autographs and check out the new films and movie producers and stuntmen. This is a must-see event for all to enjoy, PLUS, you support the Museum with your attendance.


  1. Priority Entrance is for those who have purchased their tickets ONLINE. They will be let in first.
  2. CASH ONLY for entrance into Dragonfest.
  3. Museum Wristbands will be required to be worn at all times. You will have a wristband put on your arm before you come into the door.
  4. VIP Entrance. The Dragonfest convention does not have a VIP Entrance.
  5. Complimentary Entrance: There will be no complimentary entrance at Dragonfest. Vendors will be provided a specific number of tickets to the event.
  6. Please be respectful to the people at registration.
  7. Security: There will be very tight security for this event. If you cause a disturbance, you will be escorted out of the facility and be banned from future Museum dragonfest events.
  8. The Museum has the right to refuse entrance to anyone.
  9. Videos: yes, you can take photos or videos at Dragonfest.
  • Press Pass: We are sorry, but only those pre-approved for press will be allowed into Dragonfest comped.
  • There are no refunds for this event.